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Amaal Sami

I have worked with many clients to get them their dream home. I am dedicated, passionate and motivated about getting everyone the best deal possible. I have excellent communication and can advice anyone about their buying and selling needs. I continually strive to be the best agent for my clients. I'm a real estate agent in the DMV area with a background in civil engineer. I have knowledge about remodeling and interior design. I have lived in the DMV area for twenty years. Licensed in Virginia and Maryland

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Interest Rates and Calculators

If you've followed real estate over the past year, you've likely experienced some good and some bad. We saw interest rates fall, housing prices (continue to) rise, and legacy big-box retailers continue to close stores and create vacancies in America's malls, even as other commercial real estate was booming. Housing continued to be rewarding for investors, even as many Americans increasingly struggle to find affordable housing.

But what will 2020 bring? More of the same, or will we see some of the trends begin to shift? .

Amal Sami

Phone: (240) 461-1240

Email: amaalrealtor@gmail.com